Top 10 Safest Countries From WWIII

By | December 29, 2015

Here is a list of ten countries you can escape to if World War III breaks out:


10. Fiji

Fiji has had a rocky political history and only recently stabilized when it held open democratic election after a coup in 2006. But even at its most tense moments, serious violence has not been an issue here and the current situation appears to be peaceful. With the isolation of island life, most inhabitants try not to worry too much about the problems of the world and the closeness of a system of local governments means people feel that their opinions and community actions actually make a difference.


9. Sweden

Sweden is another safe haven for people seeking refuge from conflicts. The Nordic country offers a very stunning scenery view of nature that is very breathtaking. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches, mountains, sea that combine to form an amazing landscape to astound you. The country is also very safe and offers a conflict-free environment for you to relax and enjoy every bit of it.


8. Japan

Japan is a small and crowded country in the Far East and ranks highly for both peace and quality of life. Tokyo, its capital, is the best city in the world, according to Monocle’s 2015 Quality of Life survey. Japan’s “peace constitution,” put in place after the World War II, which prohibits the country from using military force as a means of resolving international conflicts, was reinterpreted in 2014 to enable “collective self-defense”.


7. Singapore

Singapore is listed as a safe country on the global peace index and is known for its well managed laws. One does not have to panic if they are lost in Singapore because crime rates are very low. They are so low that the people in Singapore have yet to learn what pick pocketing is.


6. Bhutan

Bhutan is a tiny country wedged between India and China. It is a safe country that is protected by the Himalayan Mountain and that is isolated from the violence that rocks its neighbouring countries. It is also one of the few countries in the world that can function without the need of the outside world and its conflicts.


5. Tuvala

Tuvala is a small island nation in the Pacific. At an elevation of only 15 feet, rising sea levels are a major threat. It has more concerns about the effects of the possibility of rising sea levels due to climate change than a war.


4. New Zealand

New Zealand may be one of the most secluded, yet developed nations in the world. It has a stable democracy and is not involved in any major world conflicts. Similar to Switzerland, its mountainous terrain means it can offer shelter to locals if danger would ever strike.


3. Switzerland

Switzerland, a mountainous Central European country, has always stayed neutral when its neighbouring countries went to war. Its refined population is well armed and don’t rely much on their government. The country was ranked 5th in the 2015 global peace index.


2. Greenland

An autonomous country within Danish territory, Greenland is a remote, mountainous and politically neutral country. The majority of the island is covered in ice, making it an improbable target for attack and conflict. However, not too many people would be able to make an exodus to Greenland due to its restrictions.


1. Iceland

Famous for being very peaceful, Iceland was ranked number one in the 2015 Global Peace Index. It also shares no physical borders with any other country and has mountainous terrain to shelter its citizens from conflict.



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